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NE T2 Ph2 The Battle of Thermscyria

Running from their temple the Amazonian Guard picked up their aged rifle and took guar dint he barrack house. The ancient walls of the City had protected the sisterhood in times gone by but the population had gradually fallen attracted by work and other temptations in CRIME and the Galt Republic. Only the devot remained. Under Princess Diana’s directions the Guard took their places as over the horizon came thick clouds of dust and diesel. The day the oracle had warned of. The Day the Men invaded.

Major-General Longton-Wimble checked his dispositions, The Coalshire Borders would lead the assault supported by the Grenadier Guards. Armed military police followed each combat unit to ensure no beastliness which would infringe the CRIME war effort occured.

The Capital

Crossing the walls and barbed wire defences the Coalshire came under fire losing  aplatoon. They quickly closed with the Amazons with covering fire from the Grenadier Guards.  However squeamishness over fighting women meant they failed to assault the barracks effectively and were dirven off. The Wheatshire Fusiliers who had been sent in a flanking manourve occupied free objectives far from the fighting.

The Amazonian guard driving off the Coalshire Borders

Terrified of any suggestion of impropriaty further assaults might imply the General was content for his heavy weapons to blaze away at the Amazons barracks until the return fire from the outgunned sisterhood ceased and the buildings were infernos.

‘There Gentlemen’

Gestured the commander to his officers from the roof of the looted remains of the Temple of Athena towards where the erratic patchwork fields become more regulated and ordered peppered with cross bearing steeples than classical temples.

‘There to the North-East is the Capital of FIPPS in James Province – we have them gentlemen, we have them by the short and curlies – the conquest of our homeland will be revenged…’


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