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The 2nd Battle of Chaosia – or two bald men fighting over a comb

The Nova Roman armour and cavlary advances

Magister Equitium  cursed the dawn and the short visor on his general’s peaked cap as his hand shielded his eyes from the early suns glare. His spare hand wrestled out a pair of sunglasses and with them on he stood up in his staff car and looked across the farmland of Chaosia.

“Well Tacticus2 he said to his Military Tribune “- hopefully we’ve stole a marsh on the robot trusting heathens – with Gods blessing we’ll corral for the night and come dusk we can attack in the night were are inferior weapons will have less of a disadvant-“

His edict was cut short as casting  long shadows in the mornings glory there came lurching across the horizon a platoon of Galtanian mecha…

The Magsiter wrestled the radio of his Communications slave and barked an all channels order

“This is Aquilla Actual! – repeat Aquilla actual! The Randian forces are before us East by North East of my position – initate Operation Tiberius NOW!’

Aknowledgements came through and he could see the mounted infantry rushing to their horses and rememants of his armoured force start their engines.

This would be a desperate fight.

Niptish reconissance vessel flies over the Battle field (why is this out of system power taking an interest in our small island ona small moon?)

The Romans advanced on the right quickly coming under fire from the Galtanian mecha. While the survuving Roman tanks engaged the mecha the Calvry attempted to close. Eventually they recived attention from the mechas guns and destroyed,

Nova Roman armour manages to beat the Mecha

Their sacrifice enabled the Roman tanks to close and destory the mecha. This left the glatanians with their comamnd and control crew and platoon of human-sized combat units. These were charged by Roman cavalry reinforcements which they defeated while the command unit was hunted by the Roman tanks.

Magister Equitium was cornered by the Armoured Battlefield Control Units but rather than fall on his sword rallied his staff, took to the hedgerows and destroyed the attacking force with small arms fire. (Confirming everyone’s suspicions that he was an overpromoted Centurion.)

Magister Equitium defeats the attacking Galtanian combat robots

His opposite number in the Galtanian military was no so brave – fleeing his comand vehicle as tanks bore down on him he took over in a building. As his bodyguard was destroyed he sheltered in the building as the tanks shelled it until nightfall meant he could slip away…

Soaking and muddy the jump suited officers and ncos crawled up the muddy banks of the Korne River onto Galtanian territory one more. Their uniforms were torn and drenched – equipment pods and corproate sponsorship patches had been lost in the escape or damaged beyond recognition.  Their regular communications equipment still burning  miles behind in their abandoned command vehicles Victory Supervision Consultant Kent Draper took out his Noiksung personal datapad and managed to get a signal.

“Aggressive Marketing Division – how can I help you?”

“It’s Draper – get me Roger – I’ve got bad news for the share price…”


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