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NE T2 PH2 Supplemental – Terror in the Geek Synd

EDICT Free and Independent Puritan Presbyterian State NEWS BUREAU

Christian forces liberating the Province of Geek Synd from the filthy heathen godless CRIME forces  came under terrosit attack. Fleeing cowardly Sassanach forces left a series of explosive mines behind which destroyed the WTB* Troops of the Highland Elect Hussars recon squadron.

A member of Archangel Michael Mechanised Infantry (right) and John Parish Militia (left) assist an injuired crewman of a WTB Armoured Car of the Highland Elect Hussars.


(Island News Network commentary

Mechansied Infantry – fight from armoured personal carriers and as such are equipped with a folding stock version of the Nimrod assault rifle, tactical loan carrying vest over a standard green tunic over a t-shirt. The M78 helmet is again standard issue worn over a Tam O’shanter or helmet liner.

The Militiaman wears a standard issue Parka (with subdued FIPPS flag sholder badge) – he’s a corproal as shown on his epaulaettes (both officers and NCOs in the FIPPs military wear rank on their epaulettes.) He’s wearing a zipper neck sweater under the standard tunic under the parker. He has a standard FIPPs issue load carrying rig and carries a regular version of the Nimrod assault rifle. He is wearing the Tam O’Shanter which is the most common headgear of the FIPPs military.

The Hussar is wearing a stand tunic (tucked in like a shirt) and trousers with a zipped up zipper neck sweater. He is wearing a glengarry which is issued for parade dress but frequently worn by officers, armoured crew etc; who tend to wear radio headphones more often. In a regular issue shoulder holster he has a ‘Calvin’ high calibre pistol.

The WTB (Wheeled Terrain Basic or Wee Timourous Beastie) Armoured car damaged in the background is again a regular feature of FIPPs recon units thoguh have taken heavy casualties in the wars with Mao, CRIME and Midgard.


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