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Hordes of the Things: Pilot Game

Orc’s advance while their strangely manga dragon Pokemon dispatches brave Sir Robin,

We played Hordes of the Things last night. Jim commanding a force of Orcs, Hobgoblins and other goblinoids from the wastes of the Brokenhead (archers, warbands and artillery commanded by Ultur Rockthrow) defending their homes against an punitive expedition by the adventurers guild of the Special Masssed  Unified Good (SMUG,) a force of Elvish archers, infantry and blades, human spears  and blades, Dwarvish warbands,  and Hobbit bowmen. Brave Sir Robin lead the knightly contingent while overall command was with  the alchemist Tyrian Thelema who travelled with the artillery.

The Orc’s won their dragon Pokemon came on and dispatched the cavlary before fleeing from the human artillery. A feint by SMUG cost them their blades and they also lost their spears (both to artillery fire.) While the archers kept away the larger Orcs the writing was on the wall when the SMUG allied Dragon Xepionry Fwarce arrived and promptly fled from the Legolas abilities of the Orcish archers SMUG retreated, licking it’s wounds back to the town of Walzazee.

Overall a good quick little system 90 minutes to play from picking armies, setting up table and battle. Some rules comprehension kinks to sort out but I enjoyed it and will ceertainly do it again. Archers and artillery actually have sort ranges compared to some (inaccurate) fantasy games and are suprisingly robust in close combat (it incorporates the effect of rear rows firing into the melee I suspect .) Good stuff.


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