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NPC Pool: Supers: The Rebel Yell

I recently asked itnernet mates for ideas for roleplaying characters to be NPCs in a game – here is one that Harodl jennet (a very talented artist see his work here http://haroldjennett.wordpress.com/ as well as the Ultrafriend are go website http://ultrafriendsgo.wordpress.com/ and podcast here http://www.comicbooknoisefamily.com/ultrafriends/ .)

Darnell Calhoon, a 13 year old redneck. He found a mystical shotgun that gives him the combined might of all his ancestors who weilded the shotgun before him.

He’s dumb as a post, and is as powerful as Thor.

I’d like his powers to be super strength, have flight, and a powerful energy blast from his shotgun. I’d say the energy blast is insanely powerful, but it only has two shots a day.

He is like Shazam, and fires his shotgun into the air, yelling “YEEHAW!!” to turn into his alter ego.

The wisdom of Dwight Yoakam

The speed of Dale Earnhardt

The power of Elvis

The stamina of John Henry

The strength of L’il Abner

The courage of John Wayne


He turns into “The Rebel Yell” by firing his shotgun in the air, yelling “YEEHAW!!!”, accompanied by the melody from the first line of the song “Dixie” (just like the horn on the Gerenal Lee from Dukes of Hazard). His mangy dog also becomes his flying horse (Ala Cringer/Battlecat from He-Man).

One drawback of this character is he’s a 13 year old when not a hero. If he’s not in a southern state, it’s hard for him to go anywhere without getting arrested for carrying a firearm.

Also, have him constantly quoting Dwight Yoakam songs.

Rebel Yell:

F Remarkable

A Excellent

S Unearthly

E Unearthly

R Typical

I Typical

P Typical

Shotgun: Unique weapon

2 energy blasts per day, Shift X damage.

If Rebel Yell loses contact with shotgun for 10 seconds, reverts to human form.

Flying Horse:

Rebel Yell’s dog becomes his flying horse, Dixie. Flight is Remarkable

Body armor: Exellent against physical attacks. Typical against energy.

Talents: Banjo and military strategy

Darnell Calhoon:

F Typical

A Typical

S Good

E Good

R Feeble

I Feeble

P Feeble

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