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NPC Pool: Fantasy: Florin HalfEar

The NPC pool is a resource of non-player character descriptions for use in roleplaying games.

‘Listen son, I rack up my lungs every morning thanks to grey mould spores I picked up in the catacombs of Kalticypso. I get banging headaches from a bash from an Orge’s maul, the Orc arrowheads in my shins twinge every time the weather changes and I’ve piles from all the hard tack and saddle hours I’ve mounted up. My nose ain’t straight, my teeth are false and one one my ears is on a dungeon floor somewhere. So no, I’m not inclined to give you a break.’

Florin is 5’10” and 230lbs of fighting muscle and cheap tavern fat. His teeth are false (or badly magically restored) and his skin regularly scarred from fighting wounds including a missing right ear. Florin was an adventurer, specifically a fighter over time his party members left moved to join more successful groups or died and Florin short of companions fell into debt collection for the Thieves Guild. When not hustling some bad debts for the mob Florin hangs around Adventurers pubs telling tales of his adventures and looking for one big dungeon bashing score to set him right. His lack of personal discipline and dislike of authority mean he’s joined the local militia.

Florin wears leathers and carries a shortsword around town. He also has numerous knives on his person. When put in the field he has a chain mail hauberk and trews with pieces of plate (shoulders, helmet, gorget, elbows, greaves) and a bastard sword. Florin’s fighting style is to soak up damage – not only is he tough but like a boxer he will twist, duck and dive to take blows on the more armoured parts of his body. He picks his moment and then deliver powerful knockout blows. He doesn’t have the energy he used to and doesn’t like to waste it. His footwork is terrible – he basically will stand and take damage. This weakness is why he doesn’t risk taking on heavy hitters like Dragons or Lichs.


Adversary If players are in debt the Thieves Guild might hire (or be hired and subcontract) Florin to claim the debt.

Seed Florin sells old adventuring map to the team or puts them onto a Dungeon but wants to come along for one big score.

Warning Players are offering a grown up Job – Florin is an example of what can happen to an adventurer.

Reminisce Roleplayers love to recount old adventures – Florin is a way to do this in game with his tall tales of adventures past. He can also act as a audience for the player characters memories.

Comedy A regular NPC maybe Florin finds love and enlists the PCs to help him with his suite.


Western-1930s,-Vicotirna-Modern- SF Florin is a former prize fighter and now works for the local crime boss as a collector. He might have one big fight left in him.

SF Florin could be a bounty hunter or similar adventurer type.

Supers Florin was a low grade mercenary hero/villan. Now outclassed he’s fallen to helping out the mob, he’s not even a henchman anymore.


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  1. […] Florin Half-ear is not a member of Pyat’s crew but occasionally drinks here tracking down bad debts. […]

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