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NPC Pool – Spies – Igraine D’Orsai

The NPC pool is a resource of non-player character descriptions for use in roleplaying games.

Igraine is a middle aged spy in a supervisor role directing a teams of agents (including player character) and co-ordinates their contacts, equipment, communication. Igraine is dutiful working long hours and will genuinely take an interest in the agents under her charge. She was a brilliant intelligence analyst in her time and the promotion to supervising field agents was a dream come true. However Igraine is also very bad at saying the word ‘no’ in a work context.

This has three implications first of all in response to team requests to equipment and other resources she will write cheques she won’t be ultimately able to cash. Therefore in the field the SEAL Team-6 Support and real time satellite information the team might have planned on might not turn up – however perhaps some local friendly helicopter reconnaissance and paramilitary police might do if Igraine can pull in some favours. Secondly she gets dumped with various projects and side-jobs by her manager which leaves her little time to focus on her core role and supporting the team. Thirdly when asked for the team to do something she will generally agree to whatever hare brained mission is proposed. This will often mean initiating a mission with very little planning time or additional missions or mission objectives being added on while the team is in the field.

Igraine is in her mid-forties and having worked desk bound is running a little to seed but professional attired. She keeps a very smart and professional workspace and her extensive and varied career means she has many useful contacts and favours.


The General spy motif can work anywhere from Victorian to SF any time period where spy agencies have become bureaucratic (even if that is a bit anarconisistic.) Igraine has a francophone name as I have ran a number of spy games based around the DGSE, the more ‘action’ orientated French secret service.

Supers – Igraine is the Government liaison to a Super-team or a Director of a SHIELD type agency.

Judge Dredd – Judge Orsai manages a team of Wally Squad judges.


Frustration/Challenge – D’Orsai’s style means the players can get frustrated and find new challenges on missions.

Mole/Red Herring – D’Orsai’s style is a cover for her being a mole. Or there is a real mole in the organisation but the frustrations of working for  her might blind the players to it’s existence.

Contact – maybe after a short term as a supervisor D’Orsai goes back into being an analyst. Perhaps the players can use what happened on missions to emotionally blackmail her to provide them with additional information on contacts (or to advise on Agency politics.)


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