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NPC Pool – 17th Century France – Anton Davide

Anton is a comfortable citizen of Paris of Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu and the King’s Musketeers. His father was a successful merchant based in the Christian quarter of Tangiers who returned to France to live of his investments. Unfortunately the investments collapsed but Anton secured an income though his wife who was a wealthy widow with a healthy rental income from city properties. This frees Anton to pursue his primary loves clubbable company, political banter and alchemy.

To be fair Anton is excellent company – he has particular hobby horses and is prone to ramble on in them in a succession of stage whispers and comedy asides.  Primarily amongst those is the Divine right and infallibility of Kings, the woeful advisers surrounding the monarch and the economic curative that state backing of alchemy would produce.  As Anton doesn’t have the ear of anyone important this rambling doesn’t get him into trouble but if he ever did…the Cardinal’s agents may take a poor view of it.

Anton’s second tier of conversation is sport – horse racing, cock fights, bull baiting, duelling…anything really though his conversation on this topic is fuelled more than opinion than knowledge and he rarely puts a wager were his mouth is.  His third is gossip.

Anton’s alchemical experiments don’t seem to get very far – Anton asserts this is due to lack of funding. However a neutral observer may consider that his numerous social engagements at taverns and coffee houses, the innumerable circuits of chats between chores and his ability to be distracted by new theories and equipment might be the problem. Focus is not Anton’s strong point.

Anton is a loyal husband though he has yet to be blessed with children; he is also a loyal son of the Church and pays his taxes.  He is likely to live second hand through player characters lapping up tales of their adventures and intrigue.  He will be a loyal friend holding letters, lending money or sheltering allies. He not able to fight worth a sous and is understandably cautious about combat.  He will also not be able to hold his own water on any help he provides them so his assistance might cost more than it is worth.


Seed Anton makes an alchemical purchase that contains a map, letter or other scenario scene.

Warning After getting to be known by the PCs Anton gets whisked away by masked men – has he been speaking out of turn or has one his experiments interested the wrong people.


Anton would be well suited to be a barroom bombast in a Victorian or Western setting (and could still be an alchemist) or indeed any setting. His essentially naïve conservative politics can be translated to any period from the Roman Forum to the saki houses of Tokugawa Japan.

In a fantasy world Anton may have some minor magical ability but his lack of focus prevents him from delivering on it.

In a SF setting Anton probably best suits a Space opera setting where quack science has some room to be tolerated.

One comment on “NPC Pool – 17th Century France – Anton Davide

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