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NPC Pool – 1920s – Sherriff Dwight Kent

The NPC pool is a resource of non-player character descriptions for use in roleplaying games.

Dwight is a man is his early 50s. He was in the service (US Army)  then spent a couple of years in a nearby big city police department before returning to his small town routes and serving as a deputy and then winning the role of elected Sheriff. He’s won every election for the last 20 years not that they are often contested.

Dwight is a big man with a paunch and greying thinning hair. He tends to keep his hat on and though he is nearsighted tends not to wear glasses in public. This goes as far as keeping his distance from people so he can see them clearly when they’re out of towners. He has spade like calloused hands and broad powerful shoulders (he was a boxing champ in the Army.) Dwight keeps a peaceful town, by any means necessary and also lives very comfortably.

He is able to do this because his community is on the border (Mexican or Canadian doesn’t really matter) before prohibition Dwight allowed organised crime types he knew from his City days to use the County to hide out (at a price) and now he allows them to ship booze through. Dwight’s very able at making the paperwork look good for the Feds and keeping things looking pretty for the State Police. In addition Dwight maintains good relations with any minority communities offering them employment with his out of town buddies (though he is equally pally with the local Klan chapter and not above using them to take out any minority members he deems a threat to his enterprises or the peace of the County.

Dwight has ensured his Department is stocked with similar minded deputies and keeps a close eye on them to ensure they don’t upset the situation with venality, blatant corruption or their own criminal enterpises. Those that do leave (usually after being beaten to death the bodies disposed of.)

Dwight won’t bother with a uniform just with wearing the badge on a civilian suit with an Stetson  or fur trappers cap depending on the weather. He will opening carry a revolver in a fast draw holster have a matching calibre carbine in the car and a pump action shotgun. He always carries at least two light back pistols and two knives. His car trunk will also contain various hardware tools, coshes etc ; for interrogation.

Dwight is a widower from his army days and has no children. He prefers to tay unencumbered. When he visits the city his mob friends ensure he has a supply of exotic and talented female company.

Uses/ Variants

Cthulhu any cultists on Dwight’s manor better be lying low or they’re in trouble. Any investigators turning up loaded for bear will be regarded as a threat and treated as such. If they survive they better hope Dwight didn’t because he will call in organised crime favours to see their survival is short lived. If handled right Dwight could be an ally he won’t be swayed by tales of the occult villainy but anything that upsets the peace and he’ll help against the cultists.   

Gangbusters Dwight is an ally to won, an asset to be protected or an asshole to negotiate.

Supers Dwight will ably help any vigilantes after criminals in his County 9who aren’t his allies) – maybe befriending them afterwards. Dwight might invite them for dinner or to County events (all as part of intimidating his mafia allies or potential rivals.)

Western Dwight allows Cattle rustling mobs and bank robbers to use his county. He’s an ally to criminals and a frustration to local lawmen and out of county rustlers. Maybe characters are sent into the County to protect  a rival candidate.

Modern Dwight drives a pick up truck carries a .40S&W automatic and has a .40S&W H&K SMG in the trunk . Any Delta Green type task forces will automatically concern him that they are snooping around his business – as a consequence he will attempt to unpick them bureaucratically or politically.  Modern Dwight hands over intelligence to the Feds which is fed to him by his mob contacts to keep matters. Needless to say Dwight would have solved the problem in ’First Blood’ with a bullet early on.

Judge Dredd Dwight is a cursed earth mutie town lawman who lets Mega City sugar dealers  move their merchandise through his settlement.  His mutuation is a a ring of tiny John Wayne faces growing like tumours out of his neck and no mouth – he talks out the faces.

Sf/Prodigal Empires as lawman of an independent colony settlement Dwight bucks the local big powers by being a safe haven for their crims. They haven’t acted against him or his colony yet as he let’s the corrupt members of their political elites bank their illegal gains with him.

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