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Nueva Esperanza: T3 Ph1: The Battle of Matthew’s Bridge

Jarl Thorvald watched as the armour of Erik’s Housecarls and supprting infantry from Sveinar’s Housecarls approached the bridge. Seizing this vital bridge would give them control of the whole province. Those villagers they had captured had informed them only the Parish miltia stood in the way and what chance did they stand being assaulted by the elite core of his army while the other units where flanking them south of the River.

The village and bridge of Matthew’s Bridge, Matthew’s Province

First blood to the FIPPS miltia !

By nightfall the Jarl lit another cigerette as the village continued to burn. The men of Knut’s Housecarls where still out probing the the fled FIPPS resistance. The burning vehicles of the pride of his army stood on and around the bridge with the scattered bodies of Seinar’s Infantry intermingled with the Scots Christian defenders. The few survivors had been given the choice of the spoils while Thorvald had decided to wait till dawn before establishing what had delayed hism reinforcements. His onc emight formation had lost much of it’s teeth and he was unsure how long they could survive in hostile country now. 


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