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Nueva Esperanza: T3 Ph1: The Capture of Rome

Magister Equitium flush from his recent victories looked again at the reports coming – he was outnumbered 10 -1 not allowing for the more modern vehciles the enemy had. With a heavy heart and having ensured the Imperial Family and Church relics where loaded in his personal baggage train Equitium abandoned the City of Nova Roma to the cat calls and pelted refuse of the mob of the eternal city.


After successful occupation of prime real estate Juggernaut Industries are pleased to annoucne the following opporutnties:

  • Auctions of Nova Roman art
  • Condominium development opportuntiies on the Seven hills
  • Tendering opporunties for refuse disposal, casino devlelopments and aquaduct maintenance.

Please contact your local representative. Jugernaut – Steam rollered opportunties since landing on Nueva Esperanza,

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