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 Dave Wilis ‘bricky by day, Necromancer by Night’

5’8” and 200lbs of muscle Dave hauls bricks, demolishes walls and clears rubble on the building sites of a typical provincial English town.  He goes to his local to watch footie matches on the big screen and enjoys a pint on a Friday with his workmates in the town centre chatting up white stiletto and fake tan wearing girls. You’ve seen Dave in a dirty hoodie, tracksuit bottoms, workmen’s boots reading on the bus or having a fag outside Lloyds bar in designer jeans and polo shirt. He’s a normal bloke.

Dave is not a normal bloke.

Unknown to Dave or his parents who adopted him he comes from a long line of sorcerers. Go far back in his blood line and you will find things that are not fully human.
Dave may not know this but he does know the old tatty books he found on a demolition job and the gaffer let him keep, well they made sense to him. Especially the pictures but even the words, which has he only speaks English is a little weird.

Now Dave has started to hear and see things, and have conversations with them. He gets them to do things – minor things really like that a horse wins the 4.15 at Chepstow that kind of thing.

Dave’s covered his library with dust jackets from charity shop hardbacks so he can read them on the bus to work. They really do make a lot of sense, it’s strange really that they didn’t cover this sort of thing in school.

Dave isn’t stupid just in denial. He’s kept his experiences from his workmates and is at the start of a very dangerous path. The things will start to encourage him to use them for more than more things and a downward spiral will begin, eventually a bacon butty and can of relentless will not be enough for Dave to start the day and he’ll start hankering after a stranger vittals.

Dave could be a neighbour or NPC is a normal cops or similar campaign which can draw PC’s into a more macabre world. He equally could be after some further steps down the path to his doom be an enemy or an ally


One comment on “ Dave Wilis ‘bricky by day, Necromancer by Night’

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