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The Scarlet Buccaneer’s nemesis Blockhouse!

This was a project I started with the rather awesome Jack Couvela start from the begining https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/scarlet-buccaneer-70s-blackpool-superheroine/ – do check out other examples of his art here :  http://jackcouvela.blogspot.com  domestic reasons neither of us could move the project to fruitition but with Jack’s permission I’m sharing it here:

The Scarlet Buccaneer’s nemesis – Blockhouse

Major Sir Sidney Silverbirch, MC & bar, former Irish Guards & Lovat’s Commandos found peace BORING! Secret service fellows regarded him a blunt instrument & the regiment a cad (some fun & games involving livening up a card game w a spot of cheating ) so for frolics the Major took to jollying up east end Brigands & organising immaculate robberies.

One such fandango involved pilfering an ancient sword from the Museum of Liverpool stores for an interested party. All went well until waiting for the collection (outside Blackpool)  the Major handled the merchandise. The weapon started to bleat some hogwash about being a ‘protector of Britain’ & Sir Sidney dropped it pretty quick smart. Afterall he’d done his stint in the big show hadn’t he?
Next some cove in a dress is appearing and cursing him as a Saxon & a teuton – the major just got shout ‘ look I’m not a squarehead!’ when he started to change.
Who said ancient Druids don’t have a sense of humour.
Sir Sidney has tremendous strength & toughness – he still has an acute tactical & strategic brain. Unfortunately if he moves more than 40 miles from his origin he begins to ossify into a tree. He continues to carry out crimes for larks & to pay some occult charlatan who can lift his curse…
He has also hired a journalist who he only refers to as ‘scribbler’ who follows him everywhere while the major dictates his memoirs (sometimes as events occur.)
He will also wear a monocle as an affectation

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