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Battle of Burcough Bridge

Another nagle on the taking of the bridhe - but look pretty buildingsRefought 1 June 2010 battle of 1 june 1938

Royaist Forces

East lancs brigade

All Truck transported & all regular

Brigade HQ – Brigadier Usher Pilkington + 2 stands rifles

1st battalion, East Lancashire Regiment

4th battalion, East Lancashire Regiment (TA)

5th battalion, East Lancashire Regiment (TA)

Each Battalion 1 Stand LMG, 1 stand HMG, 4 Rifles

In support (all regular)

  1. Preston BUF Armoured Assault Detachment (platoon refitted WWI tank)
  2. Battery, Royal Artillery medium Guns

Free State Forces

3rd Battalion Liverpool Regiment Volunteers 2 Stand LMG, 1 stand HMG, 3 Rifles Regular

1st Battalion Toxteth Rifles (Parliament Street Defence Vounteers) 6 Rilfes Green

77th Battalion Combined Lock-keepers and Canal Cutters Union, Workers Defence Corps 6 Rifles Green

2nd Anti-Tank Battery, Jim Bowie Battalion, George Washington Legion 1 A-T Gun Regular

Fascists take the bridge but can they pursue the advantage ?

Artillery deployed in support Pilkington deployed the majority of his forces on his left engaging the Toxeth Rifles in a gunnery duel. The Artillery fired on the Liverpool Regiment while one the East Lancs crossed over the Bridge supported by Armour and attempted to wrestle control of buildings from them.

In the resulting context the Americans opened up friendly fire on the Toxeth Rifles and the 4th Battalion East Lancs got delayed inflicting atrocities on the civillian populace.

A surprise appearance by LFS Fleet Air Arm removed the attackers artillery advantage and Toxeth musketry managed to destroy the fascist tanks.

Off table artillery then came to the Royalist forces support countered by naval gunfire from the River in support of the Free Staters.

The Trade Union forces proved completely useless while the Toxeth boys outnumbered and outgunned managed to beat off the attacking TA, at heavy loss.

Eventually the Toxteth Rifles broke but not before they routed a East Lanc TA battalion, inflicted heavy damage on the other and the regualr army East lancs were destroyed by Liverpool Regt musketry.

All in all as a play test of the rules it worked quite well. Bad news is next week I have to play the government forces.


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