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Battle of Clieves Hill (part 1)

Battle of Clieves Hill

Government forces assaulting from the west against defensive positions covering the outskirts of Ormskirk on the right. The original plan to advance through Aughton to the south is restricted by the guns nestled between the hills.

Grey is a main (order of march) road – green is country lanes (hedgerows)

1st (Bootle) Battalion IRA and the Jamaica Street Volunteers have been withdrawn.


All defenders start on table East of the Hedgerow line in front of the hills.

Due to trench network the hills count as a templated area.

All government forces start on the eastern edge (except for any flankers.)

Only 1 Government brigade may flank.

Government forces take orders from assigned general, unless they are designated independent, if he is lost command goes to the next command stand.

LFS Forces take command from any Command stand in range. No chain of command means when generals are lost, they are lost command does no filter down)


Commanders –

  • Comrade-Colonel Volunteer Ivan Draco (Command Armoured car w HMG) Veteren
  • Superintendent Robert Gerrard, Liverpool Free State Police (Command Shotgun) Regular (ex-Army)
  • Lt Colonel Anthony Wilson, Workers Defence Corps (Rifle)
  • Lt Colonel Samuel Pitts, Liberty Legion (Green LMG)

Ormskirk and Area Anglican Defence League Fencibles

6 Military Rifle Raw

Worker’s Army (IPL) South Lancs Resistance

6 Military Rifle Raw

Worker’s Defence Corps

6 Military Rifle Raw

Ormskirk Local Defence Volunteers

6 Military Rifle Raw

Machine Gun Companies, Mancunian Army of Liberation in Exile (M.A.L.E.)

(All regular)

A – 4 HMG

B – 4 HMG

C – 4 HMG

D – 4 HMG

1st Battalion, M.A.L.E. (Regular)

1 Command Infantry, 4 Infantry, 1 LMG

M.A.L.E. Artillery (Regular – in gun emplacements between Gaw Hill and Devil’s Wall)

1 18pdr

1 Howitzer

Workers Defence Corps, Labour Youth Volunteers

1 Command Infantry, 5 Infantry (Green)

George Washington Liberty Legion (Regular)

2 x A-T Guns & Trucks

4 Infantry (Garand Rifles treat as LMG)

Liverpool Free State Police (& Naval Volunteers), Ormskirk Detachment (Green)

1 Command Shotgun, 2 Rifles, 3 Shotguns


West Lancs Brigade, Lancashire Division, BUF Legion (Green)

Brigade Leader Anthony Wikson (Command old tank)

Lancaster & District Battalion

Preston & District Battalion

River Alt Battalion (Formby, Southport & Ormskirk Companies)

Fylde Coast Battalion

Each 1 Command Infantry, 5 Infantry, 2 Truck

3rd Manchester & District Brigade, Mancunian Division, BUF Legion (Green)

Briagde Leader Horace Nicolson (Command old tank)

7th, 8th & 9th (M&D) Battalion

Each 1 Command Infantry, 5 Infantry, 2 Truck

(2nd Brigade would have been on the attack but is hunting partisans supplied by Halsall.)

South Lancashire Brigade, (Regular)

Brigadier Peter Fenchurch (Command Infantry + 1 Infantry, Truck w HMG)

2nd battalion Manchester Regiment

1st battalion, South Lancashire Regiment (‘the Excellers’)

Each 1 Command Infantry, 3 Infantry, 2 LMG, 1Truck, 1 Truck w HMG

Independent Units (ordered by any General in range)

National Socialist League, 2ND Battalion Stormtroopers (Veteran)

4 SMG/Military Rifle, 2 Trucks w HMG

National League of Airman, Paratrooper Battalion (Regular)

1 Command & 3 SMG/Military Rifle, 2 LMG, 2 Trucks

(Haven’t actually got any parachute training yet…but the spirit is willing)

Ormskirk & District Patriotic Royalist Exiles (Raw)

1 Command Shotgun, 3 Rifles, 1 Bus


1 Victory Point to each Hill the side holds at end of play

1 Victory Point to Fascists if control have 6 figures within buildings at end play

1 Victory Point to Fascists per destroyed artillery piece (A-T guns don’t count.)

Most victory points wins.


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