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Battle of Clieves Hill (Part 2)

(After rather a long time scouring our collection for enough forces – this might explain the long shots there’s rather a lot of World War 2 and 80s African troops hiding on that table…)

Battle Commenced

Govenrment Forces chose to ignore the subtleties of flanking and employ all their forces in a full on advance.

3rd Manchester & District Brigade BUF on the right flank advancing on Clieves Hill supported by the Ormskirk & Dsitrict Patriotic & Royalist Exiles.

West Lancs Brigade BUF advancing in the centre & left flank with the regulars of the South Lancashire Brigade in the van.

The left was taken by the National Socialist League troops and National League of airmen troops on the right.

The Fascist & Royalist Hordes Advance

The Free State Forces were arrayed with the Americans protecting the open gap south of Clieves Hill.

The Hill itself had Worker’s Army forces (including the Labour Youth Volunteers) entrenched on the front lines supported by a pair of Mancunian HMG companies and the police behind the hill as a reserve. (Plenty of friendly fire opportunities there.)

The Free Mancunian Artillery was backed by the Ormskirk LDV.

On Gaw Hill and the Devils Hall the Worker’s Defence Corps and Anglicans occupied the lower slops supported by the remaining HMG companies under the Russian General.

Liverpool Free Staters stand to the defences

The Free Manc Artillery started to tell on the advancing government forces. Gamely the Government troops advanced taking a few casualites until at the final hedgerow. There they started to exchnage fire with the entrenched defenders. The resulting volleys benefited the defenders. Government forces then tried to force the gap occupied by the Americans with the NSL and BUF also charging Clieves Hill. To spice thigs up a Mancunian artillery opened up friendly fire on th Ormkirk LDV who suvived and managed to restrain themselves from retalitating.

It all starts to go wrong!

The regulars took casualties from HMG fire, the NSL and their support got bogged down in trench fighing.

Advancing on the gap proved a sticky decision as American volunteer and supporting Mancunian HMG fire knocked out 2 BUF Battalions and a tank commanded General. At this point the Government forces chose discretion was the better part of valour and pulled out of range to entrench and besige the town.

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