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Captains of Atlantis: An Introduction

This post is dedicated to Captains of Atlantis.

This was a 5 year real time GURPS campaign (about 8 years game time) set before the dawn of history. Characters started being Atlantean Republic Naval Officers but as time moved on the cast exposed to include politicans, below the decks crew, foreign mercenaries, legionary officers etc;

At the start of the game Atlantis ruled the waves – but that changed as the characters discovered that another power had equal ocean sailing and superior firearms technology leading to a world war. In the cours eof that plot characters discovered ancient evils and the underlying secret hisotry of the world and Atlantis.

Here’s the basic introductory material:

Introductory Factbook

Here’s the appendices giving a bit more info:

Atlantis Appendices

Some more information on the fashion and costumery of Atlantis:

Banners, Dress and Costumery of the Atlanteans

And finally for this intial post here’s a list of the Patrican families – only the Upper Class have surnames which tend to have a Egyptian or classical feel whcih are combined with similar or British sounding first names.

Patrican Houses of Atlantis

Hope you enjoy it and fancy a go in the words of the Cockroach King from the fabulous furry freak brothers there’s plenty more were that came from!

This material is being made available for roleplayer/wargamerss to use I reserve the rights for any commercial use.

One comment on “Captains of Atlantis: An Introduction

  1. […] this has been so that players can play a variety of characters – in Captains of Atlantis both Deck officers and below decks rapscallions which allowed a lot of different […]

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