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Cheshire Dialect for Pendragon

I cannot for the lift of me remember where I got this from so apologies if it was the internet – I’ve put in some ‘scouse’ anarchroisms as well but the idea would be to give the yokel NPCs a Cheshire flavour without slipping in the ‘mummerset’ accent GMs (myself included) fall in by lazy habit.

Old Cheshire Dialect Words


Ackerspyre To sprout

Agged Tired

Alehouse An inn or tavern

Algerining Prowling around with intent to rob

Allegar Skrikers Thin gruel with vinegar flavouring

Aneend Upright (i.e. Not lying down.)

Athurtens The other side of

Audfarrant Old-fashioned


Bandy Hewitt An ill favoured dog

Bangbegger A beadle

Batch a roll

Bawson A badger

Bevy an (alcoholic) drink

Bloaten, Bloatch to be fond of

Boose A cow stall


Cample, Campo To scold or argue

Cankum A prank

Cassartly Risky, uncertain

Clussumed Clumsy

Cobnobble To chastise

Cradant, Cadantly A coward, cowardly

Creachy Out of order, ill-maintained

Crumpsy short-tempered


Demath A day’s math or mowing for one man usually a half acre*.

Dreven Draggletail

Dumberdash Heavy rainstorm

Dunglow-dash Dung


Feaberry Gooseberry

Fleck A flea to catch fleas, the fur of a rabbit or

A hare.

Flough A flea

Fummuz To meddle

Fuzziky Spongy


Gilhooter An Owl

Glottened Astonished


Hattock A hole in the roof where owl’s nest.

Hillbooter An Owl.


Imbrangled Entangled

Incle Tape


Jow To bang


Kecksy Hollow

Kex Breeches


Leazecaster Old name for Deva/Chester.

Licksome Pleasant/agreeable

Lommer To climb and scramble



Madpash A madman

Mafflement Concealment

Mixin, Mixon Dungheap

Mosey Overripe


Nookshotten Crooked, disappointed

Nurring Active, clever


Obshackled Limping, Lame

Ownder The Afternoon


Pillgarlic A valueless object

Punger To bother, puzzle

Pungow To puzzle


Razzored Angry

Rog, Rogging To shake, shaking


Scallywag A rogue, outlaw, knave

Scower Surry, confusion

Scrapesdaytations A miser

Shedom Surprising, strange

Skew-wifter Something out of shape

Skitterwit Scatterbrain

Slancing Prying

Snudge A sponger

Soss A heavy fall

Swaddledidtaff A sweetheart


Thrutch To squeeze

Tom and Jerry An alehouse

Tooty Pot A hole in the road, usually full of water


Walm To boil

Wammocky Weak, feeble

Waunt A mole

Whany A blow

Whooked Ill, shocked

Withering Strong


Yaff To bark

* Not, however, a Cheshire acre which in true Cheshire fashion isn’t an acre. It is in fact two statute acres and one more in nine. Nine Cheshire acres would therefore by nineteen statute acres. Is that clear?)


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