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Lemuria – Enemy of Atlantis

Lemuria was the main antagonist power fighting Atlantis in the Lemuria War. Worshippers of Elditch Gods from beyond the stars they believed they were saving the world from destruction by Atlanteans. Who knows perhaps they were even right?

Lemurian Uniforms and banners

Lemuria was a theocracy made up of eight states Unknown Kadath, Plateau of Leng, Pan Tang, Ryleth, Miskatonia, Mountains of Madness, Carcosa and Mordor governed by Witch Kings. The lemurians are actualy a martial class that ruled the producing class (or helots) with a rod of iron. So much repression was required to keep the Helots in line that Lemuria was unable to crush Atlantis with it’s superior numbers.

Regiments of Lemuria

I didn’t get round to naming all the Regiments unfortunately.

When Atlantis invaded Lemuria a Helot resistance was formed and armed but political differences between the Helots often meant Atlantean forces ended holding the line between rival Helot warlords aided by a Helot Constabulary. Eventually a consitution was formed under Atlantean (player-character) guidance.


The Constitution of the Helot Republic of Pan Tang

The Helot Republic of Pan Tang was established as an Atlantean puppet state after Lemuria sued for peace in after the Battle of Bloody Hill

The Treaty of Bloody Hill

Whcih was determined through a rolepayed session with players playing different allied negotiators while the ‘senior’ player character negotiated for Atlantis

Negotiation positions


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