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Police Field Forces

These are counter-insurgency forces formed from concentrations of police formed in field forces to perform security functions in the rear of their forces. The police tend to be poorer armed than many militias featuring more shotguns and handguns. They also tend to be green (militia) quality, they may be good police but the majority will not be comfortable with a military and political role which impacts on their table top quality.

All sides feature Police Field Forces – on the Liverpool Front the following feature:

  • Liverpool Free State
    • Free State Police (former City of Liverpool, Bootle & Lancashire police deserters have formed a Field Force used to rout are Fascist/Royalist partisans)
    • Free Wirral Police (Wallasey, Birkenhead & deserter Cheshire Constabulary they have also formed a Field Force.
  • Government Police
  • Lancashire Constabulary – has formed field forces (Western, Northern, Central, Southern & Eastern) these tend to be shotgun armed with the odd rifle armed platoon and are used for counter-rebel sweeps behind the lines. The Western, Southern and Central are employed on the Liverpool front pacifying areas occupied by the Government. Each Field Force is
  • Cheshire Constabulary – has a Western, Central and Eastern Field Forces. The Central Field Force is engaged on the Wirral Front (the Western is fighting the Welsh.)

Aside the Field Force small town police may get involved when the war comes to their area – likely to be raw to green quality and armed with ‘comforters’ (issued handguns) and be a stand of rifles or shotguns.

Figure wise we fight in 15mm – I’ve found that British Sudan war dismounted cavalry painted blue look like shotgun armed British bobbies in traditional custodian helmets with a few later period peaked cap figures for officers/command stands. A few more military figures can also be in painted blue as ‘auxies’ on the Irish War of Independence model. Fortunately Field Forces on both side will wear the same blue copper uniforms are the same figures can be used for either side.

I have ambitions to have some Boer War or Sudan British Cavalry as a Mounted police. Eventually I also want some cyclists and some improvised armoured cars.

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