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Raid on Parbold Bridges – The Battle

Liverpool forces coem from the left hand side of table and must escape to the side. Government forces can come from any table edge right of the hedgerow lined road.

‘A’ Company IRA advanced on the railway bridge with Colonel Meaney, a late addition bodyguard unit alledgedly supported by ‘D’ Company than spent the entire game moving on a two steps forward and one step back basis and took no more part in the battle.

‘B’ and ‘C’ advanced on the road bridges but made sluggish progress.

The Loyal Regiment arrived on table with the National Socialist League troops. The Government Regulars debussed and cautiously took up positions on the rail bridge side of the road while the NSL advanced trucked up to take the fight to the IRA. Unfortunately the IRA stole a march on the NSL closing the range and knocking out of 50% of the NSL Battalion with accurate small arms fire. The NSL survivours fled in their trucksdown the road towards the road bridges in disorder. Some artillery support for the IRA failed to deliver any more casualties.

‘A’ Company charged through the hedgerows and engaged the Loyal Lancs at bayonet point. In the resulting melee the IRA had taken 50% casualties and the lancs 66% but both were holding the field. Unfortunately for the IRA hardmen a Police Field force arrived ont he IRA’s flank and charged them eventually driving them from the field and destroying them.


Police closing on retreating IRA

To add insult to injury the Government RAF Spitfires dived across table and shot up Colonel Meany’s Headquarters destroying the ‘general’ unit.

Some succour for the Rebels came in the form of Labour Party and Liverpool Irish battalions commanded by Colonel Maurice. They advanced slowly in support of B and C companies IRA but not swiftly enough to contribute to the battle.

The Bloody Butchers fly off the Battlefield

‘B’ and ‘C’ Companies engaged the now rallied NSL troops in the middle of the battlefield around the hedgerows. The NSL came off worse bt held the line preventng further IRA advance on the road bridges.

Holding the line

Further police and the Blackshirts under the BUF Commander came on from the southern table edge and the police occupied the westernmost road bridge. In frustration the IRA brought down LFS Belfast and Fleet Air Arm (Blackbun Skuas) strikes to try & destroy at least one bridge. This was to no avail and before a raid became a massacre the free forces pulled back leaving the government celebrating.

Mr Mainwairing's Police detachment holding a road bridge despite artillery and bomber attack.

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