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The Atlantean Secret Police

The early stages of the Lemurian War exposed weaknesses in the Altantean system – one of those was intelligence and counter espionage as well as the Senate being vulnerable to Coups. In the latter half of the War ICIS was formed to counter these weaknesses (as well as shore up the political position of it’s first Director Set

Wearing a variant of Naval officer or legionary uniforms but in black (they are afterall humble servants of the state) these formed atagonists, co-combatants, immoral counter-points and occassional political allies for varying player characters in last year or two of the game.

Here we have the organisation of ICIS


And as a diagram

ICIS Organisation

How they fit in with the other ranks in society

ICIS Ranks

And their own political court system

ICIS Security Tribunals


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