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The Parbold Railway Bridge Raid Forces

The Parbold Railway Bridge Raid

To interrupt supplies to the Government forces besieging Ormskirk the Free State forces have launched a daring raid to destroy the railway and 2 road bridges at Parbold. In so doing they’ll disrupt supplies to the Government forces to the West including those involved in the Canal offensive and trying to cut off Ormskirk.

The Forces follow (will do battle report tonight)

Liverpool Free State Raiders

These snuck through Government lines over night. They have to get from a table edge to the bridges destroy them and back again.

There objective is to blow up the bridges with demolition charges this involves one stand in contact with the bridge rolling over a 4 if raw, 3 if regular or 2 if veteran +1 to difficulty if under fire. Stand cannot do anything else that turn.)

They then have to escape off their own table edge

1st (Bootle) IRA Battalion, LFS

(Bootle actually had an Irish nationalist MP until the 1920s so makes sense.)

1s IRA (Bootle) Bn advance on railway bridge having taken out lead NSL Stormtrooper truck

Given the ideological differences likely to be present Friendly fire is possible between different companies of the Battalion.

‘General’ Colonel Liam Meaney (Pistol Armed Command stand) Veteran

Range NA Close +1

Organised into 4 Companies


A Company Captain Flatterly Veteran

1 Command/Military Rifle +0 +1

1 ZB Vz 26 LMG +1 +2

1 Military Rifle +0 +1

1 SMG/Military Rifle +0 +2

B Company Captain O’Mally Regular

1 Command/Shotgun NA +1

1 ZB Vz 26 LMG +0 +1

1 Military Rifle -1 +0

1 Military Rifle/Shotgun -1 +1

C Company Captain Driscoe Green

1 Command/Sporting Rifle -2 -2

1 ZB Vz 26 LMG -1 +0

1 Sporting Rifle/Shotgun -2 -1

1 SMG/Sporting Rifle -2 -1

D Company Captain Riley Raw

1 Command/Sporting Rifle -3 -3

1 Sporting Rifle/Shotgun -3 -2

1 Sporting Rifle -3 -3

1 Sporting Rifle -3 -3

Liverpool Free State Supporting forces

Rolled for as reinforcements from turn 3 onwards

Regular Rifle armed General (Colonel Maurice, Workers Defence Corps will come on with first force.)

General Maurice directs the advance of the Labour Youth (foreground) and ex-British Army Liverpool Irish (behind hill.)

Amalgamated Battalion Liverpool Irish Regular

3 LMG infantry +0 +1

3 Infantry (including command) -1 +0

Workers Defence Corps – Labour Party Youth Volunteers Green

6 Infantry (including command) -2 -1

Navy Gunfire

LFS (Liverpool Free Ship) Belfast can spare a salvo of 3 x Heavy Artillery (green*) fire in one turn (and yes it can be used to destroy one of he bridges if all 3 used against one.) Regular or better IRA can observe this fire (got some radios but only to talk to ship.) * due to lack of Officers on ship.

Government Forces

All rolled for as reinforcements but from Turn 1. Only one battalion can come on at once. Can come on from any table dge except the Liverpool one.

2 Generals brought on as wished with reinforcements–

Brigadier Reginald Molesworth (pistols, veteran)

BUF Front-Leader Captain Samuel Walsh RN (rtd.) (Rifles, green)

Elements Lancashire Constabulary Central Field Force

Mr Grace's Police Detachment attacking A Company 1st (Bootle) Bn IRA

1st Force Range/Close Green

1 Command Shotgun NA +0 Superintendent Mainwaring

1 Rifle/Shotgun -2 +0

3 Shotgun NA +0

2 Trucks

Mr Mainwairing's Police detachment holding a road bridge despite artillery and bomber attack.

2nd Force Range/Close Green

1 Command Shotgun NA +0 Superintendent Grace

1 Rifle/Shotgun -2 +0

3 Shotgun NA +0

2 Trucks

2nd battalion, Loyal regiment (North Lancashire) Regiment (regular)

2 Infantry (inc Command) -1 +0 Major Royce

2 LMG +0 +1

2 Vickers +1 +1

2 Trucks

Flight Spitfires,RAF

Come do one aristrike (unobserved) move on Flt Lt Bigglesworth

Death from above!

Elements Mancunian Division, BUF Legion

National Socialist League 2nd Stormtooper Battalion (regular)

(use German figures)

4 Infantry including command -1 +0 Battalion Leader Jones

Truck w HMG +1 +1

9th (Manchester & District) Battalion BUF Legion (Green)

6 infantry including command -2 -1 Battalion Leader Smith

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