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United Nations Intelligence Taskforce for roleplaying

That’s the United Nations Intelligence Task Force. I had the pleasure of playing and occassionally running in a game based about Doctor Who’s 1970s red shirts (or are they 1980s red shirts?) Here’s some material I’ve assembled and written to give a bit of background for such games.

This would also be useful for a 70s set UK based Supers game.

The first is a TOE for the UK’s branch of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce


The second is a guide to the agencies UNIT might interact with (including of course UNIT.)


It’s no GURPs supplement but should be of use to anyone running any of the myriad of Doctor Who RPGs, wanting a ready made British set up for a historical wierd science/consipracy game it could even fit period Cuthulhu or Supers game.


One comment on “United Nations Intelligence Taskforce for roleplaying

  1. […] I am lucky enough to be running two games at Devacon on Saturday 29 April 2017. The Convention is £10 in advance or £11 on the door at the Crowne Plaza, Chester. In the afternoon I will run my old Grogmeet Gangbusters game ‘The Nefarious Nine’ and in the evening I will run one of a UNIT game. […]

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