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What is Prodigal Empires?

Prodigal Empires is a developing science fiction background. The origins are left intentionally vague.

Corporal of the Niptish Special Naval Landing Forces

Essentially the Earth suffered various disasters and wars in a near future leads a large portion of the population to vacate the planet on generation ships. These colonists travelling at a slow pace across space chnage culturually and settle various worlds where humans being humans they fall out and start fighting.

Testudo Protection tanks are ambushed in the shanty town on Nueva Esperanza

A later generation of colonists with faster than light travel spread out amongst the stars meeting and fighting the already established. Eventually Earth collates into a number of great power, such as Maphilindo, the United Americas, the Christo-Communards who also join the colonising game bumping and bashing into the human colonies. They bash against the generation ship powers who have conquored territory like the Holy Stellar Empire and the Niptish Empire.

There are also aliens out there some weaker than us and oppressed, others stronger and spoken to very politely.

This background is being developed as a roleplaying background but is also used for wargaming.

A fight between two Italian descended generation ship settled space colonies was fought using Full Thrust known as Revolutionary Biscuits of Italy (because what blog is complete without an Alexi Sayle gag inspired campaign.)

A ongoing play-by-email AK47 Republic campaign of the war between various colonies on Nueva Esperanza.

The immediate area around Nueva Esperanza, the Arachne System is being developed

A member of Archangel Michael Mechanised Infantry (right) and John Parish Militia (left) assist an injuired crewman of a WTB Armoured Car of the Highland Elect Hussars.

There is also a breakdown of various merc forces in the Arachne System

I welcome comments, contributions, ideas and critiques.

One comment on “What is Prodigal Empires?

  1. […] Prodigal Empires: The obvious one would be a spaceship belonging to a freelance trade or adventuring party. ‘Firefly’ TV series was a good example of how characters can personalise their cabins which would be fun to develop in an RPG. […]

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