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Nueva Esperanza: The very future image of a future Major General

Amazing artist Peter Hammerson has produced artwork for the Generals of the Nueva Esperanza power CRIME.

Please check out more of Peter’s excellent art here: http://peterhammerson.daportfolio.com/

Major General Samuel Longton-Wimble

Samuel cannot possibly e the sort of man he appears to be; an incompetent toff with his head firmed rooted up his own posterior, whose only military order is ‘Charge!

Brigadier Oliver Skeets

Oliver is grease personified, both in his manner, and in his application of bribes on the way to his current position. If he were alive today he would be a used car salesman

Brigadier Adam Crumb


Adam began life in the gutters, and has fought his way up CRIME’s ranks- literally. He is the sort of commander that leads from the front, and his men had better follow him, or they will get a sharp hob-nailed boot to the nether-regions if the don’t. Disciple in Adam’s brigade is impeccable, mainly because he dishes out the punishment for any infringement himself, and with great relish.

More details on CRIME here: more details here: https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2011/07/02/nueva-esperanza-c-r-i-m-e/ and their battles are in theNueva Esperanza category.

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