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NE T3 PH2 The Battle to relieve Roma Secundus

Magister Peditum checked his watch, 2.5 hours before dawn. He switched down his neck mike, switched to an all user frequency and began


“Friends, Legionaries, Romans,

Your Prefects and Centurions have briefed you, each man knows his part in the plan.

Each of you has my absolute confidence as a Christian, a soldier and a citizen.

We have fought side by side to victory by Grace of God and the love of Christ.

We have bested both the communists of Mao and also the Ryndian anarchists.

We have marched across forest and swamp through day and night to be here:

Before us lies the Eternal City reborn occupied by more of the machine loving Ryndian followers of the antichrist.

Here their deprivations halt!

Now they go no further!

Today we take back what is ours!

For God! For Emperor! For Eternal Rome!



Roman forces cluster to assault the bridges while their reinforcements come on the northern side of the Nova Tiber flanking from the East

Rushing the bridges in the last minutes of darkness the Legionaries assault the Galtanian armour at heavy cost.

Galtanian Armour of the Testudo Protection Defence Corporation advances across the bridge to destroy the Roman artillery and General,

The armoured assault disrupted by being attacked in the rear by Roman flanking forces the remaining Galt forces retreat via the Western bridge – their remaining armour platoon managing to killl Magister Peditum in the retreat.

Roman troops celebrate the capture of a Bombardier Defence Solutions SP Missile Cruiser platoon which broke down – it will replace the Roman Artillery lost in the battle.

Island News Network Update:

Church bells ring today at the return of the Emperor to the Imperial Capital in Roma Secundus. A postumous triumph has been arranged in honour of the heroic liberator of the City Magister Peditum who died in the closing moments of it’s liberation. It is said he was despatched by a parthian shot from Galtian armour fleeing the battlefield after leading the liberation of the City. A Triumphal Arch is to be built for the General a Legion Cohort named in his honour.


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