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Magazines: The Enemy

Just a brief piece because I’ve been too busy for the blog, but..

Why do we as genre fans or gamers need magazines?

For awareness of products out there do not podcasts (free) and the recommendations of friends count for more?

For gossip does not twitter give us a ringside seat?

For community does not social media have them beaten hands down?

What do you actually get with a magazine?

  • Adverts
  • Reviews (adverts with comment. Publishers supply review copies to drive sales)
  • Interviews (arranged by pubilicity department, errr…adverts)
  • Features and articles (on something someone wants to you to buy.)
  • Upcoming news (of things coming up you’d like to buy.)

Now I’m not down on capitalism. I’m all about the free market. I’m Milton Friedmen with a side order of Hayek and Randian sprinkles.(Well maybe not but you take my point.)

But I’m also about value for money.

For the cost of a magazine you can usually get either a book, DVD, a 2nd hand graphic novel or trade paper back, maybe a couple of floppy comics all of which allow you to actually experience culture rather than pay for the privilege of suggestions as to what to buy.

I can see why ‘The Man’ has an interest in us paying for shiny papered sale brochures, but why do we want to buy them?

I’ve focused on SF stuff here but the same equally applies to wargaming or roleplaying magazines. Once, pre internet these things where perhaps a useful culture identifier but now? We don’t need them.


These opinions are my own personal subjective views. 


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