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T4 PH1 The Battle of Jamestown

Combined forces of the 1st Shock Front and 4th Front of the Glorious Peoples Maoist forces poured into the valley. Through the night the tanks and mortars had pounded the FIPPs capital of Jamestown. The City smouldered but through field glasses, sniper scopes and tank gun aiming pieces Maoist forces saw the Celtic-Christian forces occupying the high ground and mechanised forces advancing to counter their move.

Shelled Jamestown

Initially the 2nd Red Guards Armoured Battalion supported by 2 militia battalions advanced on the fringes of the City. One Militia unit was caught in the open by the Archangel Gabriel Mechanised Grenadiers and shot to ribbons but then the balance of the attacking forces came on behind the high ground that was the cornerstone of the FIPPS defence.

Reds advance, FIPPS Mechanised Infantry come on from the East

The Mechanised Grenadiers turned to take out the flankers. A bloody maelstrom occurred in the Red Guards Infantry breathed their last, some armour and artillery was lost in the end the Reds were successful and Grenadiers fled the battlefield. Elder Salmon fled leaving the remainder of the his forces to their fate.

In a last huzzah the Elect Lowland Rievers an armoured reconnaissance unit supported by the Grenadiers who had recovered their moral tried to sneak on and take control of the battlefield. Red armour rushed to face them and they retreated to fight another day

Of surviving FIPPS forces the Mark Parish Militia has joined the Red Army while FIPPs forces in Maoist territory and retreating out of James vow to fight on. CRIME forces have retaken their capital recovering their territory and Midgard forces occupy much of FIPPs. They are however out of supply, low on fuel and surrounded by enemies.

Situation on the Western front after the battle (Eastern front to be settled after the next battle.)

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