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NPC Pool: William ‘Chopper’ Harris , Vigilante Serial Killer

Chopper is a washed out old roadie in his early sixties. He is lean in build with a slight beer belly and wiry muscles. He has red rhemy eyes under a shinning bald pate. He has white straggly long hair and beard, a red nose and narrow tight mouth.

He is also a dreadful casualty of sixties high living and a vigilante self-appointed superhero. The two things are not altogether disconnected. At some point in the 1970s Chopper fell in love but his sweet girlfriend feel prey to heroin and died of an overdose.

Chopper declared war on heroin that day. But in his own way, still on the roadie-ing and still partying hard he used his travel with different band tours as an opportunity to take out heroin dealers in various European and US cities.

Chopper is nicknamed so from his partying hey-day from the impression he made on groupies. However in his grief he used it as an inspiration for his murder weapon – which is normally a commercially available axe. hatchet or cleaver. If someone goes back and looks into this they will see that chopper is a very successful serial killer, just no one has.

However chopper’s risk of detection has increased gratefully.  He’s retired. He’s settled down with some generous severance payments from sentimental old rock gods and he’s invested those funds. Chopper now has body armour to wear under his leather he gets the best ‘choppers’ and has custom made fold away ‘chopper’ bicycle he can fold way in a sensible family sedan he uses. With this and other equipment ‘Chopper’ is despatching heroin dealers across a swathe of Britain and police across Britain are about to put things together.

Chopper’s usual approach is to find a dealer by pretending to be looking to score. He gets to know their pattern and choses a good time to ambush them. Ideally he cycles up behind them (when they’re on the phone or got earphones in and ‘chop!’ does for them.


Supers depending on the tone of the campaign Chopper can be a villain, a dangerous ally or for a four colour game rampaging on a jet bike with laser axes.

Horror Chopper is driven to his killings by hs voices. When the characters stop him they find the voices carry on inspiring another killer. A demon is actually driving the killers and sorcery can only be defeated by sorcery.

Police Characters can investigate killings by Chopper. Once they start to put things together they will find him easy to apprehend and he’ll come quietly. However his arrest will be leaked by a bent copper and the characters will have to defend the station against riots paid for by vengeful local drug syndicate.

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