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An appeal for players

Well every now and then life bites you in the bum. A good 50% of  players from my existing VBCW 38 game are not free to play in the autumn. So I’m looking for a new game. A short sharp campaign which will be for new players. ALFIES my previous campaign may not be the best fit though it breaks my heart to leave it on hiatus.
With that in mind I am going to try & break my obcessive world building tendencies.
Therefore what I propose is that the players write up a character (as for ALFIEs – ideally 2 in case of death) for a.n.other standard fantasy RPG putting in as much or as little background as they want in the write up & the world will be spun from that. I’ll transfer them to GURPs stats and roleplay on skype,
I’d be looking to play on the following Thursdays circa 2030-2230 Uk time:
4 October 2012
1 November 2012
15 November 2012
22 November 2012
6 December 2012

 10 December my wife returns to work so we’d would appraise things then and see if it’s a goer.

It might be an opportunity for those interested in trying roleplaying (I know a couple) to drop in for a couple of sessions and drop out again. First come first served.

Anyone interested email dissecting worlds (all one word) ) AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk . or tweet @clarky the cruel (all one word)


One comment on “An appeal for players

  1. A sketch of the setting for the game

    A City hugs the shore of a great freshwater lake in the midst of arid veldt. Caravans on many trade routes stop here on their long journeys. Migrants looking to establish townships & homesteads also call here first. The City is bisected by a great river which is also an artery for trade & travellers.

    Between the City and the ruins of other older civilisations hugging the shore,  is a sprawling great necropolis attracting tomb robbers & necromancers in equal measure.

    Beyond the veldt lies the desert & beyond that the homeland of the player characters which will be whatever the players choose to create when crafting their characters.

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