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The Third Battle for New Rome

The Galtanians fell upon Rome like wolves on the fold

There tanks glistening, their eyes dreaming of gold

The approach road to New Rome

Little did they know that an ambush was in store.

Flushed with success the 2nd Cohort tried to finish the disorientated Galtanians with a charge but was beaten back by withering fire, pursued and destoryed.

A Galt mecha came on giving some momentary hope but the 2nd and 3rd line of the Roman defence combined with reinforcements from the 6th Cohort appearing in the Galtanian rear brought the attack to a standstill.

The surviving Galtanians fled the field gainign some moral comfort fromt heir mecha taking out the Roman Artillery Corps (including captured Galtanian vehciles) with a Parthian shot.

The Mecha’s Parthian shot

So suffer the enemies of Rome!




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