RPG Podcast : Drakesdoom Scenario 1-1 Love & Marriage in Drakesdoom


My new background light fantasy game has had it’s first session. Rather than write it up I’ve saved a rough podcast of the adventure and put  a link to it here


I think the game has potential certainly playing this basic starter scenario has started various thoughts in process for future scenarios. Feedback, comments, plot or background ideas all welcome.


4 comments on “RPG Podcast : Drakesdoom Scenario 1-1 Love & Marriage in Drakesdoom

  1. […] The low hill where the Drake Selford bled to death and it’s ground is still red with his blood. Given it’s prominence with soon attracted the wealthy of the new community and is where the oldest and most wealthy citizens now live. As such it is dominated by villas and courts of a dozen or so magnates each with their private guards to ensure their wealthy peace is undisturbed. Nideno for example has his villa here. (See https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/rpg-podcast-drakesdoom-scenario-1-1-love-marriage-in-…) […]

  2. I love the characterizations here!! From the DM’s NPC right across the board to the PCs!

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