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Religion in Drakesdoom 2

Notes on some religion from the mind and keyboard of Nick who plays on Samuel Silvertounge after our second session:

There are temples to two deities opposed to the undead in Drakesdoom. While they both oppose the undying, they have very different tenants and reasons.

Whyss: The Life giver

Whyss is a God dedicated to life, love, happiness and pleasure. It abdicates joy to all, wherever you may find it, that peace is always worth the cost, and that pleasure can never be a sin. Whyss’ temple is at the edge of the religious quarter, and borders the dock front. Worshippers are often elves, though they can be of any race. They can also range from druids and pacifists, to drunks, druggies, and prostitutes. Whyss often appears as an incredibly beautiful hermaphrodite humanoid, though it can also appear as the object that the beholder most desires.

Whyss Opposes undead vehemently. They are the antithesis of its preaching, and are immune to its whiles. It urges its worshippers to destroy undead wherever they are found, and to take pleasure from the act.

Therassion: Lord of the After

Therassion is the god of the dead, or more specifically, what comes after. He governs the souls of the dead, though as few within his realm return to the land of the living, what happens there is shrouded in mystery. His priests preach that what is buried with a person is taken beyond, though only if it too is dead. In ancient times this meant that hundreds of slaves were killed around their master, and buried with him to serve him forever. This practice stopped abruptly however when, as the legend goes, one king returned in spirit to tell of his decades of torment at the hands of his slaves, as the nobility of the living where not the nobility of the dead. In Drakesdoom, Therassion’s worshippers preach that most of a dead person’s possessions should be buried with them, and that most of their money should be spent on a suitable chamber or crypt, for that will be their home in the afterlife. Rumours that the clergy are fabulously wealthy from this practice are vehemently denied.

Therassion loathes the undead. They should be his subjects, but have temporarily escaped him. However he has more time than them, so he will happily wait for decades before being reunited with ex-vampires, ex-wraiths etc. Among his subjects are numerous paladins and witch hunters, keen to help the temporarily undying re-join their lord.


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