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The Drakesdoom Calendar: Year, Months and Seasons


Drakesdoom residents bring a huge variety of calendars and festivals from their home lands but the City authorities use the Lorraland * calendar for official affairs and as a consequence most business is contracted using that calendar. Through frequency of use it has become the practical calendar for Drakesdoom and Midmark territories around it and down the River Hali.

As such the Drakesdoom calendar consists of 12 thirty day months followed by a midwinter festival ‘Winterval’ of 5 days (6 on a leap year between) Kehaar and Jimwimi. Many of the faiths in Drakesdoom have a festival in the Winterval period (even if they didn’t in their home territories):

1. Jimwimi
2. Emmett
3. Emmery
4. Dion
5. Winton
6. Pollak
7. Neek
8. Parkinz
9. Xon
10. Clarkee
11. Oran
12. Kehaar

Each month consists of 5 weeks each of 6 Days:


The Seasons in Midmark are:
• A rainy reason between Oran and Emmett.
• A growing/grazing season between Emmett and Pollak
• A dry season between Pollak and Oran, though for irrigated territory on the banks of the River Hali this is a season growing season and in good years produces a second harvest.

Ranchers often have a judgement call whether to fatten cattle though the grazing season and drove them to market in the dry season or get them underway in the grazing season.

Years are named after the sun (year) signs of the Lorraland Zodiac, cycles counted from the founding of Lorraland:
1. Dragon
2. Griffin
3. Unicorn
4. Yale
5. Sea Serpent
6. Hippogriff
7. Basilisk
8. Owl Bear
9. Jackalope
10. Questing Beast
11. Chimera
12. Manticore

The current year is the 22nd Year of the Dragon. Dates are given in the following fashion: 3rd Halfday of Emmery, 21st Year of the Manticore.

*Lorraland is the home territory of Samuel Silvertounge


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