Drakesdoom: The Constitution of Midmark


The Margrave

The Margrave

A rough draft of a Consitution for the territory where my current fantasy game is set:

His Grace Margrave Klaus Fitzcarraldo ‘of the three arbalests’ Lord of Drakesdoom and Midmark, Slayer of Seljord, Master of the Hali Coast, Inheritor of Caracosa, Welcomer of Huddled Masses, Founder of Drakesdoom and the broader Midmark,is the Lord and Master of Drakesdoom. He binds himself and his heirs to this Constitution.

His Grace the Margrave is the Supreme Lord of the Midmark with ultimate power and disposal over his subjects being the residents of the Drakesdoom, the southern shore of Lake Hali, and from the banks of the River Halit to the sands of the desert. This said he pledges to abide by the common law other than in event of gross trespass upon his rights.

Drakesdoom Flag

Drakesdoom City Flag

All men, women and other sentient creatures of whatever varied gender within the Midmark are judged free unless they came into it’s borders in bondage. None may be born into bondage in the borders of the Midmark nor may anyone in bondage be traded within the Midmark’s borders less they are captive of the Margrave for crimes or warring on the Midmark.

The lands of Midmark are divided into shares equating to 80 acres. Any lands unclaimed by the Margrave may be claimed by any freeman or free woman or body corporate that files an application and makes improves the land, to the satisfaction of the Margrave’s Baliffs after residing on it for 3 years.

Upon a successful claim a Shareholder shall be exempt from poll taxes and tolls and required to contribute an armed fighter to the Midmark’s Militia for annual muster and armed response to threats to the Midmark’s safety and integrity under the command of the Margrave or his anointed officers. Multiple shares may be possessed by one individual but they must provide one armed fighter for each share to the militia. Bodies Corporate be they town, guilds, towns or cities, in possession of shares shall furnish sundry fighters judged appropriately by the Margrave’s Officers for the size of the body corporate. Other associations and bodies may furnish forces to the militia for which the Margrave shall be grateful

Midmark Flag

The Margrave shall appoint travelling Justices to hear open trials of breakers of the common law. Decisions of guilt and innocence shall be made by Juries of 11 Shareholders (or their anointed proxies or members,) under the direction of said Justices. All free persons having equal rights under the law. Matters of appeal shall by referred to the Margrave where judged appropriate by the Lord Chamberlin.

Alongside Justices to administer justice, the Margrave may appoint Baliffs and other officers to perform inspections and deliver his mandates. Their titles and ordinances will be matter for their preference and the Margrave’s selection. He will also approve and accept officers presented to him by corporate bodies by election or other methods.

The Margrave shall not prescribe or prohibit the worship of any god or spirit, following of any Prophet or Fakir, voicing of any prayers or incantations. This is on the strict understanding that a person’s faith, church or spirituality provides no excuse for any crimes. Temples and Churches are welcome in Drakesdoom providing they pay the appropriate ground rent for commercial premises to the Mark’s coffers.

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