Drakesdoom: Military of Midmark


Here are some rough notes on the military of Midmark

Margrave’s Guard

The Margrave

The Margrave

The Margrave has some personal military staff, and a few dozen personal knights termed the Household Cavalry.

Drakesdoom Guard

Drakesdoom has 5 Centuries of Guards.  All carry the Margrave’s device on shields or surcoats.

Margrave's Badge

Margrave’s Badge

Paladin Century: Recruited from holy warriors, ex-clerics, rejected necromancers novices and lackeys who guard the Rubblewall on the Western side of the River Halit against the inhabitants of the Necropolis. They wear white tunics/surcoats. They are rivals of the Palisade Guard

Troll Century: Renegade trolls (4’-5’ high carnivorous tribal creatures with shocks of vivid hair) enlisted to guard the toll bridge (or Troll Bridge) across the Halit. They wear red surcoats/tunics/lion clothes. They use traditional troll weaponary – broad leaf shape head spears, hacking falchion type swords and shortbows.

Fort Selford Century: The Garrison of the City’s Fort.  A mixed force of crossbowmen  and artillerists. They wear blue surcoats.

Palisade Century: These guard the eastern wall of Drakesdoom against desert raiders. They wear black surcoats, capes and tend to be armed with bows. They have an almost bloodless rivalry with the Paladin Guard.

Rangers Century: Rangers do not actually operate in the City. Rather they range through the Midmark and neighbouring regions in 4-6 man parties. They are mounted, tend to carry missile and melee weapons.  They clothing tends to be green, sand and brown and the Margrave’s shield featured as a broach or badge.

Drakesdoom Flag

Drakesdoom Flag

Each Century has:

A HQ of

  • Centurion in command,
  • an Optio who is his second in command
  • a Senior Tesseranius who keeps watchwords, provides administrative support to the HQ and is third in command.
  • Standard bearer
  • Trumpeter
  • Trumpter’s Apprentice
  • A Century Surgeon  and two orderlies

3 Watches which consists of 3 Sections each of

  • Commanded by a Tesseranius (Guard Commander) or Decanus (Section commander)
  • 9 Guardsmen, one of which is deputy to the section commander.

Shareholder Militia

Midmark Flag

Midmark Flag

As per the constitution Shareholders have to provide one militiaman for each share they own.  Guilds, Corporations, Cities and Towns owning shares have to provide units as judged by adequate by the Margrave’s Bailiffs.  Individual shareholders form into units as they see fit.  Owners of multiple shares tend to form their militiamen into units as suits their personal tastes and inclinations with vast variety (from force of Eunuch slaves, a Rancher’s Drovers as a light cavalry unit etc;) I welcome suggestions for Militia units. These units effectiveness may vary as they only have to muster once a year.

Volunteer Corps

Various organisations such as political lobbying groups, non-human communities in Midmark and districts of Drakesdoom  provide volunteer units to curry favour with the Margrave,


The Margrave hires mercenary units as needed. Again I welcome suggestions for mercenary units.


2 comments on “Drakesdoom: Military of Midmark

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