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Drakesdoom: Realm of the Leprafauns


Leprafaun Warrior

Leprafaun Warrior

To the South-East of Drakesdoom lie the Burrowlands where lie the Seven Nations of the Leprafauns –

Yusagi, O’hares, Bigwigs, , Centzontotochtin, Kalulu, Nanabozho and Br’er
They defend their lands, their crops and diary rabbit herds with great tenacity. They go to greater efforts to defend their tribe’s sacred Jackelopes (beleived by many scholars to be statues or idols.)  Three to four foot high to the top of their skulls what they lack in body strength they make up for in ingenuity using their powerful legs to drive ‘Thumper’ armoured carriages and cock powerful crossbows and ballistas. Skilled at ambush and alchemy they have defended their lands from the Margrave and Shareholders but accept his overlordship contributing volunteer corps in return for self-government.
A secretive and paranoid very few, if any humans have visited their territory and fewer still have survived the tresspass.
Thanks to Dean Stahl for naming the Leprafauns, Matthew Craig and Dion Winton-Polak for spontaneously and simultaneously naming the ‘Thumpers.
Matthew Craig crafts comics available here  http://www.thematthewcraig.com/
The first Drakesdoom adventure featuring Leprafauns is here: https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/rpg-podcast-drakesdoom-1-4-on-the-farm/


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