Drakesdoom: The Order of the Seven Stars

The Order of the Sevens Stars are a cult which is spread throughout the known world. It’s members need follow no particular faith but pledge themselves to the traits of the seven stars, honesty, fraternity, liberty, equality, charity, loyalty and hope.

In other parts those pledges lead to the Order being a hotbed of sedition and repressed (for example in the Faraway Kingdoms or Tawny.) For that reason the Order maintains the appearance of secrecy with passwords and initiation rituals threatening death if the Order’s secrets are not kept.

However under the tolerant rule of the Marquis they the two Temples based in Drakesdoom are well known through their charitable works.

Membership of the Order is by initation. Membership is open to men and women but in many territories there is a male bias. Once a member of the Order one receives a passport whch with secret handshakes and passwords enables one to call at any Temple for hospitality and charity.The Order will also care for widows and orphans. Given the advantages this gives membership of the Order is popular with caravaners, bargemen, pony expressmen and other travellers.

There are seven ranks in the order however these are not an indication of a members standing in a particular Temple for more of exposure to inner mysteries of the Order. Local temples and national organisations have elected officers who are selected annually.

The Temples as well as forming social and charitable hubs also provide members with business opportunties as Order members make contacts at the Temple.

Their are two Temples active in Drakesdoom. Temple 464 ‘En Militant’ is based in the West of the City next to the Rubblewall and frequented by members of the Paladin’s Company of the Guard. Temple 789 ‘En Route’ in the Eastern religious district is more popular with businessmen as well as magicians and sages from the Academy.

Designers note – the Order was prompted by listening to a Radio 4 programme ‘In Our Time’ on the Mithras Cult. It struck me how similar it was to a masonic lodge and how it could form a base for adventurers and a source of plots.


2 comments on “Drakesdoom: The Order of the Seven Stars

  1. […] Home of the barracks of the 4 of the 5 Centuries of the Margrave’s Guards (the Trolls residing in Troll Bridge over in East Drakesdoom.) It also has clusters of whorehouses, inns, taverns as well as a collection of blacksmiths and armourers at ‘Clamour Corner.’ High class bravos and sell-swords also make their home here so much easier to pick up jobs from the rich of Bloody Ridge, the grave-robbers of West Wall and the authorities of the Midmark. It has a number of gymnasiums which act as club houses, accommodation, bath houses, exercise yards and dojos for warriors who pay a membership fee including the House of Scorpion and the Temple of the Nine Yards.  It also holds the local (Temple 464 ‘En Militant’) for the Order of the Seven Stars: https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2012/12/28/drakesdoom-the-order-of-the-seven-stars/ […]

  2. […] run a boxing club and soup kitchen for orphans & urchins. As word of his good works spread the Order of the Seven Stars Temple 789 ‘En Route’ donated the materials & labour to put a roof on his shell. Flynn was joined by his brother […]

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