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New Year, New Resolutions

Alongside the important real world stuff of bring a better husband, father, son, brother and friend my spare time New Year’s resolutions are:
1. Fitness 2012 saw me balloon with the birth of my daughter and then throw off a lot of weight to hit a low not matched since I was in 6th form. I also managed personal best pace of 8 minutes 58 seconds per mile in the Waterloo 15k. I intend to keep on the same path (after a seasonal blow out) and strengthen my running and weight training with a bit more structure. I also want to try and play some park cricket next year.
2. Social Networking I’ve great bunch of mates both on facebook and twitter. I want to be a bit tighter and more disciplined in my use of social media and check in at least weekly at choice forums – The Double Shadow, 20000ad, RPGMP3, the Gentlemen’s Wargame Parlour and the Flash fiction predictions.
3. Gaming Had a great year gaming between the Nueva Esperanza play-by-email wargame campaign and the Drakesdoom campaign of fantasy roleplaying. I propose to keep both going forward in the New Year, I hope to get more people involved on both the worldbuilding and playing side of things, my tactics to achieve that so far have not worked so it’ll take some thinking.
4. Podcasting Dissecting Worlds has had a good year I think though ultimately the Alternate History series was a bit chewy with a bit too much fibre. We’re going to do some more plup material series in the New Year on Rebels & Revolutions. I’d like to get the pod some further reach which might take some further work by both me and my partner in crime. The Drakesdoom pod is great as an aide memoire but again I’d like to get it to a broader audience.
5. Consumption and Creation as others have been saying ‘create more and consume less,’ I’ve had a script accepted for a Fanzine in 2012 and I’d like to build on that modest success.

Not a lot really! All the best for 2013 folks!


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