Drakesdoom: Kingdom of Lorraland


Flag of the Kingdom of Lorraland

Flag of the Kingdom of Lorraland

Off the coast of the Faraway Kingdoms is an archipelago bathed in warm sunshine for nine months of the year and with moderate wet winters the Kingdom of Lorraland.

The sundry islands are ruled by different lords some minor others with great power. The five greatest are the Electors* who between them elect the High King.

The High king has lordship of the richest, largest of the Lorraland Islands Onedia as well as command of the feared Royal Navy and Marines. However the Constitution enforced by the Chamber of Justice limits his power over the other islands.

The Electors and other lords have their own inferior navies, marines and peasant levies and conduct their own wars both between themselves and with other states. Even when formal warfare does not exist informal conflict continues through privateers and buccaneers.

The current prime employment for these privateers is raiding the merchant shipping of Neo-Yesyanola and Freyoria. While the Ancienian sailors have cannon the Lorralanders are far superior sailors. Lorraland pirates simply shadow the colonists and then sweep in at night to take their vessels in nocturnal boarding actions.

The laws of the High King and the other Lords contradict and cause confusion. Nowhere is this clearer in the realm of customs duties. It is very confused over what is smuggling or legitimate trade one day to the next. Not that this stops the juggernaut that is the Lorraland’s maritime commerce.

Nobles and merchants sponsor merchant adventurers who sail the seas in search of profits. This is how they connect to Drakesdoom – Lorraland took advantage of the Faraway’s warring to capture a choice port on the fringes of the Faraway Kingdom, renamed Freeport, which is the end point for many of the eastward caravans from Drakesdoom. Lorraland ships Widnez hardwood, grave lootings of the Necropolis, ivory, hides, salted beef from Drakesdoom. Also it sells on the silks, jade, spices and sundry other goods Drakesdoom caravans have brought from further west. Goods from across the globe are carried on Lorraland merchant vessels to Freeport and then taken overland to Drakesdoom and beyond by Drakesdoomers.

The predominant religion of Drakesdoom is Therassion this morbid faith a natural consequence of this nation of sailors and fishermen close relationship with death.

The foundation myth of Lorraland is that their ancestors came to the islands on ships ‘sailing on the tides of time’ following the destruction of their home , the Land of Skara. Lorraland scholars have been unable to determine the truth of this rumour.

*(the King in Frazer, Prince of Radich, the Bishop of Charletrose, the Grand Duke of Bainz, and Count of Juraez. The Grand Duke of Bainz has been High king for the last 15 years and his father before him.)

Designers note – this is the home state of the Drakesdoom player character Samuel Silvertounge who was in first four Drakesdoom sessions.

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