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Drakesdoom: Character: Regur’Trepaz


Last of the Order of the Verdant Flame - and he's wants revenge

Last of the Order of the Verdant Flame – and he’s wants revenge

Drakesdoom: Character: Regur’Trepaz

High in the Black Alps beyond the territory of the Widnez lies the mountainous lands of the Arditti. Crammed between hostile non-human peoples territory and wedged against a confederacy of necromancers the Arditti have evolved a robust defence.

While every Arditti serves in their local militia, every family must surrender their first born son to the military committee of the Council of Elders. The boys are trained hard and rendered tough. They serve in the Orders – the military strike forces of the Arditti.

Regur’Trepaz was such a boy serving in the Order of the Verdant Flame. In the terraced fields and craggy villages of the Arditti they defended their people. The Orders of the Arditti fight in teams of four consisting of a light footed scout, an archer sharp shooter, a line warrior and a sherpa. The terrain of Arditti means every one is a distance runner, a mountain climber and skilled at ambush. Regur is a line warrior armed with a thrusting axe (an isosceles triangle head on a short shaft) and a light wicker round shield.

One day the Order of the Verdant Flame was led by a scout from across Lake Hali into an ambush. The Order was wiped out by undead warriors except for Regur’Trepaz. Reporting to the Military Committee he was granted leave to pursue the scout, a one armed man and destroy him. In his pursuit he found the scout had sailed back to his home – the Midmark where he lives an adventurer seeking the target of his revenge.

Regur’Trepaz is 6 foot tall and circa 180lbs of wiry muscle. His pale skin is tanning painfully where it hasn’t been tattooed with disruptive patterns of the Orders. He shaves his head, facial and body hair. In deference to local taste he has taken to wearing loin cloth in addition to an Order issued rucksack. For inclement weather & the icy night he has a fleece lined oilskin all in one trouser suit of the Orders.

Regur’Trepaz has a very physically biased skill set – running, hiking, leaping, climbing and stealth. He is a skilled armed and unarmed combatant. He is also adept at survival – particularly in his local mountains but it gives him an impressive default in other terrain. Regur speaks with a strong Arditti accent (I’m thinking early Arnold Schwarzenegger,) despite his thuggish appearance he is softly spoken, courteous and cunning.


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