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Drakesdoom character: Elijah the Explorer



Elijah is a heavy set man with a tanned if flushed face and a pronounced beer belly. He stands some 5’10” and has powerful shoulders and sturdy legs. He typically wears desert raider robes and moccasins with a Lorraland Royal Marines Solar topee and pugaree which has been stained to match the desert robes.

Elijah carries a faraway kingdom shortsword (a short rapier type weapon) and cinqeunda dagger on a Widnez shagreen baldrick. If called into combat he uses these in the Sharastan style with the dagger in his left, off-hand as a parrying weapon. Throwing daggers are also ferreted away on his equipment and in his toppe’s pugaree. He also always has a water gourd hanging from a strap on his person and often a knapsack.

Elijah started serving as a midshipman in the Lorraland Navy, seeing it for the hard work it was he deserted spending a few months as a soldier of fortune (and occasional bandit) in the Faraway Kingdoms. He then signed on as a hand on a Drakesdoom bound caravan and his life changed forever. Elijah fell in love with the desert, he found a kindred spirit with the Desert Raiders and learnt their language and culture. Soon Elijah’s skills at navigation, (informed by his time as a sailor) and his ability to negotiate with the ‘Raiders made him an indispensible guide.

Elijah has never signed a contract with a caravan company preferring to take jobs as a freelance, he also like to go on furlough which can involve drunken debauchery or a period as an adventurer as the fancy takes him. He lives frugally and while he shows no religion curses and shows respect to the Gods of the ‘Raiders. He is never more than pace from a blade or his water gourd, is secretive and protective of his sextant and astrolabe, always attends to his bodily functions at noon every day and is a cunning linguist.


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