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Nueva Esperanza: The Battle of the Marble Pit (4th Battle of Nova Roma)

A weak Roman cohort marched to the Church of St Margrets. Across the snow strewn marble quarry the clanking of massive Galtanian battlebots, the rumble of their smaller brethren and roar of The Gorgon Reavers biker gang heralded the Randian attack.

The Marble Pit

The Marble Pit

Galtanian plasma bolts started to blast into and around the church which had served the marble quarriers for generations. Combat robots, closely supported approached to cross the sluice stream.

The Church of St margrets

The Church of St margrets

But them erupting from cover came an intact Cohort of the Roma Secunda Legions. Disciplined fire erupted hitting across the Galtanian line.



As bikers became pinned and vehicles erupted into fire the Battle mech unti supported a general retreat. The Galtanians had hoped to approach the Eternal City and shell the defences in preparation for a more major assault later in the season. That plan foiled they retreated.

But at heavy cost – the Battlemechs were destroyed shielding the retreated and in all the Romans just lost one Platoon.





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