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Nueva Esperanza: The Liberation of Karl Marx Provence

The last tins of canned haggis had been used up over the winter, with the rest of the supplies and the threadbare darned uniforms supplemented by captured Maoist kit meant the surviving ‘No Surrender’ FIPPs forces of Elder Alex where a funny sight. The winter snows had melted and now it was only a matter of time before the Maoists came to retake their Provence.

Archangel Michael Mechanised Infantry defending the provence

Archangel Michael Mechanised Infantry defending the provence

Militia of the 6th Front advanced speedily into the lee of a central hill while the half-starved troops of the Archangel Michael’s Mechanised Infantry watched. Ensconced the miltia proceeded to shell the FIPPs troops with their mortars.


FIPPs reinforcements in the form of the Highland Elect Hussars and John Parish militia advanced up the right flank to take on the Red Miltiia. Unfortunately they were spotted and an accurate mortar salvo destroyed half a battalion racing up the lane in their truck. The survuving FIPPs miltiia debussed and cowered while the Cavlary carried on to their objective.


Milita and Regular artillery guarded by penal troops came on protecting the Maoist Miltiia’s flank. They faced and destroyed a cavalry attack and repelled the surviving FIPPS militia attack. All of which enabled the artillery to add to the mortar fire on the Archangel Michael troops.


Seeing things collapse the Mechanised troops tried a ‘braveheart’ charge to free them from the attention of the Maoist guns. it was an unmitigated failiure, an APC broken down and the mass of maosit fire saw them halt, break and flee.


Casting their weaposn aside the FIPPs troops routed and surrended. A late entrant to the battle was the Blood of Martyrs Mortar Battalion captured intact. The Mortars and APC have been gifted to Maoist Penal unit – who despite their Commissars being killed continued to fight above and beyond the call of duty.


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