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Nueva Esperanza: The Marxist Liberation of Dura Europa

The 5th Front of the Peoples Red Army advanced into Roman territory. Facing them where a tight unit of Roman tanks under that great surivivor Magister Equitium.

Dura Europa the Village of Dara

Dura Europa the Village of Dara

The Village of Dara was the lynch pin of the Region and as Roman armour took up their positions contemptuously of the truckbrone infantry and militia that advanced on them. The 1st Red Infantry however snaked into the village and in panic the armour of the 1st Alae entered the village to repluse them. In close quarters the tanks suffered like their colleagues in the mountain battles of the previous year.

Roman Auxillia armoured cars came on the right flank but were engaged by armoured tractors and ultimately destroyed despite having supporting fire from the 2nd Armour Alae.

More and more Red militia joiend the fight. Tellingly the new Maoist ability to spot indirect fire really came into it’s own with accurate miltiia mortar fire destroying a tank platoon.

Once again Magister Equitium fled the battlefield having reduced a force to one surviving platoon.

Commissars and Re-education committees have entered the Province behind the Red Army to educate the workers and peasants of the New Order.

Roman Armour Alae in trouble

Roman Armour Alae in trouble


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