Drakesdoom: The Republic of Starakand


Republic of Starakand Flag

Republic of Starakand Flag

Between the Empire of Tawny (or its deserts) and the Faraway Kingdoms far to the south-east of the Drakesdoom and the Midmark is the Republic of Starakand.

Starakand was an Empire ruled by the King of Kings for thousands of years. However a disastrous series of harvests and failed invasions of Tawny and the Faraway Kingdoms led to peasant uprisings hijacked by the middle classes and a Republic was declared. Overnight the nature thousands of years of history and tradition were swept away. The mounted armies of noble knights and horse archers were butchered by peasant mobs or fled to their outlying estates to plot against the revolution.

The revolution was led by errant priests of the Starakand fire god, the Temple of the Red Redemption and the new merchant classes. The two interest groups are clashing over the future of the revolution both attempting to pull on the new conscript army, the National Guard for support. So far the Imperial bureaucracy has been content to follow the orders of their new masters in the forms of the National Convention.  With the administration supplying the National Guard it has defeated all attempts at a Royalist restoration.

The National Guard consists of poorly trained masses of unarmoured spearmen with wicker shields with small units of archers, ill-horsed cavalry with a smattering of artillery and engineers. Younger troops infiltrate Royalist areas as guerrillas while older conscripts march in great rampaging columns. In battle the Spearmen attack in great columns relying on sheer mass to overwhelm opponents shielded by screens of archers.  If attacked by cavalry they form hollow squares with archers within to deter horse archers. Such forces have been unable to export revolution to the Faraway Kingdoms dales, forests and mountain passes nor across the deserts to Tawny despite some valorous attempts.

Empire of Starakand Flag

Empire of Starakand Flag

As Royalist provinces fall to the hordes of the revolution more and more nobles are going into exile. They and their retainers end up in exile in Tawny, the Faraway Kingdoms or even as far as Drakesdoom. The old order of Starakand deference and chivalry sits ill with the rough nature of Drakesdoom but this does not stop such nobles finding a new life amongst the bush. The rival intelligence networks of the Republic however have a long reach and pursue such exiles with assassination squads bringing the Revolutionary Wars to Drakesdoom.

Both Starakand men and women usually wear  full-length pants called shalvar, women with knee length robes but men with thigh length long sleeved tunics, often with  a wide belt called a kamarband. Warriors often bind the bottom of the shalvar with puttees and wear boots while civillians wear softer shoes. Women commonly wear a headscarf for modesty while men wear turbans or skull caps. Capes and cloaks are worn in foul weather. Monarchial fashions call for long hair and beards while Republicans favour clipped short hair and clean shaven or tidy beards and moustaches.


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