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Soviet Super Soldier Campaign: Troika

USSR Coat of Arms

USSR Coat of Arms

I had the idea in the 90s for a Superhero game I never have ran but which keeps nagging at me.

The basic idea is that the ‘heroes’ in the game are members of the offical Super-team of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Membership of this august body of workers and peasants is evenly split between Super-beings from the Red Army (and other armed forces), the KGB and the Communist Party mirroring the balance of power many analysts and defectors reported in the USSR/CCCP.

Red Son was an elseworld if Superman was a Soviet

Red Son was an elseworld if Superman was a Soviet

Ideally the game would take place between the launch of Sputnik in 1957 and the collapse of the USSR in 1991 with on scenario occuring each year. The 1957 start would allow a contrast between Stalinist veterans of the Great Patriotic War (Russia’s World War Two) and younger more optimistic characters. Games would be a mix of four colour superheroics, cold war espionage and paramilitary actions against the background of world history. Characters could vary from super-spies to proper four colour bricks. Who knows if the characters successes push forward the expansion of USSR maybe glasnost, petestroika and collapse could be avoided…alternatively perhaps character blunders will plunge the world into a devastating Third World War?

A Marvel take on Soviet heroes

A Marvel take on Soviet heroes

Some scenario ideas included:

  • Rescuing British traitors who have loyally served the Soviet Union.
  • Defending the Bay of Pigs aganist Cuban emigres and mercenaries.
  • Dealing with rogue super-scientist ‘bond villan’ types (perhaps alongisde Western heroes…but careful not to come under suspicion.)
  • Undercover involvement in the Vietnam War.
  • Stamping out Vampyres to the Communists in Roumania (was Ceaușescu’s independence from the USSR because he was a Vampyric stooge?)
  • Crushing the Prague Spring.
  • ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ relic recovery (perhaps ancient Russian artifacts from renegage Nazi survivors like Boys from Brazil.)
  • Border clashes with China.
  • Fernando Poo
  • Assassinating a US Presidential candidate who is an agent of armageddon.
  • Traditonal ‘defend the earth’ Superheroics against alien invasion (but don’t get to friendly with the running dogs of western imperialisim in the process.)
  • Angola, Mozambique and against Western mercenary or South African supers.
  • Rescuing a crashed Soviet spy satellite in some war-torn state.
  • Supporting terro- I mean heroic freedom fighters.
  • Supporting leftwingers in the Iranian revolution
  • The Invasion and subsequent war in Afganistan.
  • Spy Shenagigans to get extra exocets to the Argentinians
  • Defending (or deposing) Gorbachov
DC Soviet villans Hammer & Sickle

DC Soviet villans Hammer & Sickle

Too name but a few options. Colonel October my ‘missing watchman’ https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/npc-pool-colonel-october-soviet-super-soldier/ could easily fit into this background.

What do you think?

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