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The Battle of New Troy

warganey 076

Grenadier Guards confidently advance ‘Dad’s Army style’ on the Trojans.

Attacked by CRIME the forces of the independent colony of Troy assembled the bulk of their army in the capital hamlet of New Troy.  While the armoured forces of the Grenadier Guards advanced on the Capital the Wheatshire Fusiliers took key objectives in the hills and the wood.

The CRIME forces where haughty professionals but their units lacked weapons of significant range. The Trojan forces had the ‘Paris Company’ of 4 Mortar and 1 Machine gun platoon placed on New Troy’s rooftops. These were able to inflict casualties on the Guards and the Wheatshires causing both forces to halter in the attack. On the right flank of New Troy the accurate musketry of the Troilus Squadron pushed the Wheatshires back into the woods.

warganey 077

Trojan reinforcements in the form of the Mestor Squadron appeared in the Grenadier Guards rear but were swiftly dispatched. CRIME reinforcements in the form of the Coalshire Borderers appeared behind New Troy. closed and managed to kill Queen Cassandra V and her bodyguards but Trojan morale held and repelled the assault. The retreating Coalshires where attached by yet more Trojan reinforcements in the form of the Gorgythion Squadron which threatened to turn their retreat into a rout.

warganey 078

The net closes – the Wheatshires in the woods are driven back by heavy Trojan fire.

warganey 079

Coalshires to the South kill the Queen, Grenadier Guards to the North are halted in the attack.

At this point holding two objectives the CRIME commander Major General Samuel Longton-Wimble decided to hold his objectives let his forces take cover and starve the Trojans out. The Trojans were allowed to surrender with full military honours and there is talk of ‘Dominion status’ and recruitment of Trojan veterans into auxillaries to serve in the CRIME army.

Major General Samuel Longton-Wimble

Major General Samuel Longton-Wimble (by http://peterhammerson.daportfolio.com/ )


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