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Drakesdoom: The ‘Burbs


East Drakesdoom has no suburbs just the empty wastes of The Necropolis filled with mausoleum, tomb and crypt of eons past belonging to the ruined city of Carcosa to the West. This area is picked over by archaeologists, necromancers and grave robbers who make their home in th Eastern city. Few dare tread further than its outer reaches however.

West Drakesdoom has several distinct areas

Drakesdoom 'Burbs

The Coast and southern farmland is tended by workers living in small hamlets in the employ of rich shareholders who live in the City. Fresh produce is brought into the City and sold at market by agents of the landowners. This farmland in contrast to the homesteads of smallholders further out is regulated with regular fields, ordered conduct and attentive maintenance. The same diligence is not applied to the farmhands tied cottages which are generally kept barely habitable.

Those City residents who bury their dead and don’t have the room or desire for a private crypt in their gardens use Newgrave at one end the poor, their corpses picked over for valuable by the OSCARs are dumped in municipal charnel pits at the other are the plots of the wealth with a pirvate graves intermittedly dug in-between.

The Field of Mars is where the military of Drakesdoom parade on muster days. Is it is also where circuses, carnivals and tourneys such as the famous ‘Festival of Fists’ are held.

Finally Hell on Wheels or the Carvanassary is a cluster of great courts where the great caravan companies keep their animals, wagons and crew drawing water from wells fed by a plentiful underground spring. Between them is space of migrant wagon trains, visiting Desert Raider trading parties and other transients to camp. Guides and map makers ply their trade here. The area is best described by the cliché ‘a wretched hive of scum and villainy.’


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